Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brass Knuckles and High Heels

Okay, so what the hell is up what Stefan!?!?

I am just now watching VD from when it started in March. I am completely pissed off that Stefan is psycho and Damon is reveling in it. -deep breath-

Alright, so Bonnie is back and has been all sneaky sneaky BFFs with Caroline. She is completely blowing off Elena and is obviously scared of Stefan.

Jeremy has figured out that vampires do exist -gasp- and has decided to use Anna to turn him. What for? To live eternally with Vicky, who btw, is dead.

Caroline gets stuck in mud in her Dodge Charger, that should totally be able to pull out of it, and goes tromping through the woods to get cellphone service. She slips down the side of a hill and goes to grab onto a vine only to discover a human arm close by. Turns out it is connected to Vicky's dead body. Caroline flips out calls her mom and they go to break the news to Matt and his alcoholic, whore of a mother.

Jeremy finds out and is upset when he goes into his room. Anna is waiting for him there so she can change him and has an epiphany. Jeremy was only using her so he could be with dead Vicky forever. He doesn't really want to spend eternity with undead Anna. She does that weird vampire run, fly, disappear thing.

Stefan is captured by the bad vampires that have been RELEASED FROM THE TOMB OF THE UNDEAD. Damen, Elena, and the oh so sexy Aleric do a suicide rescure mission and save him. Elena makes a hasty getaway with Stefan while Aleric and Damen make themselves distractions. When Elena and Stefan get to the car they find out that the key is broken. The baddest of the bad vampires does a single man ambush. Elena stabs him with a tranquilizer and while he is down for the count Stefan is dying or whatever he does. Elena lets him drink from her wrist (stupid stupid girl) and now Stefan is pyscho for human blood.

That is as far as I have gotten so far and I am pretty upset! Not in a this show now sucks way but in a why are you guys such idiots.

Until the next time.

Friday, April 30, 2010

I Don't Bite

We have returned!!!!

Ok, so if you aren't a regular than let me give you some history.

Fearless Redemption was once known as Venom Optional, before I decided to start over with a new host.

I go to school full time and I now work full time so I try my best to keep the site updated with pictures, info and other fun stuff.

So keep checking back and don't be afraid to comment and leave me feedback.